Committee Members

The Farmington High School Building Committee consists of the following members:

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Non-Voting Members

Beth Kintner, Board of Education Liaison

Kathleen Blonski, Town Manager

Kathleen Greider, Superintendent

Scott Hurwitz, Farmington High School Principal

Alicia Bowman, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations

Kathryn Krajewski, Assistant Town Manager

Sam Kilpatrick, Farmington Public Schools Director of Facilities

Devon Aldave, Clerk of the Committee

Other Town and Board of Education Staff as needed

Voting Members

Meg Guerrera, Chair

Chris Fagan, Town Council Member

Ellen Siuta, Board of Education Chair

Johnny Carrier, Resident

Sharon Mazzochi, Resident

Michael Smith, Resident

Wendy Ku, Resident

Subcommittee Members

Communications Subcommittee Members:
Meghan Guerrera 
Sharon Mazzochi
Ellen Siuta

Wendy Ku

Financial Subcommittee Members:
Meghan Guerrera
Sharon Mazzochi
Michael Smith

Site Evaluation Subcommittee Members: This subcommittee has completed their work
Meghan Guerrera
Johnny Carrier
Chris Fagan
Garth Meehan

Site Evaluation Communication Document

Professional Partnership Subcommittee Members
Meghan Guerrera
Johnny Carrier
Michael Smith
Garth Meehan